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  • Kairi { 11.05.2016 23:05 }

    1fb3” Sorry did I say ‘James Complete And Utter C*&h;€¢ÂÙ.*#8221;T*at’s understandable Uncle, I’m sure that if someone refers to Jeremy Hunt as Jeremy C*** often enough then one day it will slip out accidentally while on air. Therefore I understand your slip completely.   4 likes

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  • Adonica { 13.05.2016 21:05 }

    I wish you could resize the gadgets on the home page. they seem to take up more space then they should. (e.g. - I see a massive box and only half of it is being used on all of the gadestg). http://mpjibb.com [url=http://tbemjmekdc.com]tbemjmekdc[/url] [link=http://slrecj.com]slrecj[/link]

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  • Betti { 14.05.2016 19:05 }

    It is the haepspit time of my life so far, when I am watching these funny video clips here, since after full day working I was so tired and now feeling fine.

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