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  • Ally { 11.05.2016 22:05 }

    I think the most intense / cringe moment for me was when the pirate of Yosemite took that aid climbing fall and ripped two pieces on the way. Each time the line jerks tight and gives, there is a very fast inner brain dialog of “Oh god Oh god Oh god, when will it stp2o#82&1;.

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  • Mircea { 13.05.2016 21:05 }

    Hi Kelly! Your heart is going to continue to be touched in so many ways as you venture through El Salvador. I have ventured to Haiti and Guatemala for mission trips and returning to the states was such a culture shock. You truly do realize how much you take for granted. Your exicrpenees are going to be life changing and you will encounter people, and have moments, that you will never ever forget. While it's a bit weird {for lack of a better word} to be out of your element in a new place, embrace each day that the Lord is using you! http://yfzdzxqkqh.com [url=http://fqncdiykq.com]fqncdiykq[/url] [link=http://ojszlcmbk.com]ojszlcmbk[/link]

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